Life in the O.C.

If.............. you are like me. I enjoy being in the outdoors, taking advantage of this glorious weather we have, the beaches the parks the trails in the O. C.


But having a few challenges in different areas. Which gyms are the best, where's a good park are there any good mountain bike trails around here or which is a good soccer club for my children to enjoy?
Well hopefully i can point you in the right direction. All the recommendations below are from my personal experience Obviously it's subjective but it's a starting point.



Renaissance Club Sport. Quite simply.............The best gym i have worked out at and have the privilege to be a member of (no im not being paid for this!! Not cheap ........but you get what you pay for.


Lifetime Fitness

I was a member here for a short time. Not a bad club, actually closer to my home than the Renaissance Just me personal chioce.

Precision Fitness

Was also a remember her (you can get good Groupon offers to this club)

Isaac is the chap in charge i found him very knowledgeable, dedicated and flexible.The unique thing about this gym is's a small intimate gym with plenty of equipment Isaac works with very small groups and customizes their workouts It 's like having a personal trainer with the high fees.

28121 Crown Valley Parkway

Laguna Niguel

CA 92677


24 Hours Fitness Gyms. Mass marketed gym, been a member for ever. They are dotted all over South Orange County.


Incidentally for seniors in the O.C. SeaCounty Senior Center offers annual gym member for the over 50's $25 per year.

24602 Aliso Creek Rd.
Laguna Niguel, CA  92677


Personal Trainers

Just through my personal intrest in health and fitness and throgh the course of my carreer in coaching soccer i come in to contact with a great many fitness and sports professionals.Each have their areas of expertise. Some i can personally recommend others i have seen work on a regular basis. Ironically woking with a personal trainer is much like working with a realtor. They're all pretty knowlegeable in their respected field (unless you want to specialise). So really it boils down to personal taste How well you communicate, have the same understanding, same goals and their style of work marries your expecations.

Roland Helgoe, for me is the best. Not affiliated with any gym, works independently, and covers South Orange County and L.A. Personable quiet, knowledgeable and my wife thinks he's adorable (sorry he's engaged) His prices are fair and he's willing to work ith groups or couples.

If it's a female trainer you prefer try


Ekaterina (949) 701 3270

Ekatrina (I think she's from Czeckloslvakia, Ukraine some where around there! She works as a trainer, fitness coach, Life Coach. I have worked out with her in her group sessions on many occasions at the Renanissance (she's relentless) I highly recomend her. Pleasant personality, knowledgable, "practises what she preaches" if you want to be pushed, and to get in to shape. She's a great option.