Living in Orange County Ca is very different from anywhere else on earth.  I should know as it is a loooong way from Leeds, England.

If you are searching about "Where to Live in Orange County, California" let's talk.  Also you may search all the listings here.

Living in the UK for 30 years allows me a rather unique perspective when it comes to life, living, and the pursuit of happiness in Southern California. Whether you are looking for a home to purchase in the beautiful coastal enclave of Laguna Beach or a 4 bedroom house for rent in Laguna Niguel, you still get access to this amazing lifestyle that living in South Orange County allows us. Hence It’s not just a home it’s a lifestyle


Your love might be the beach surfing, painting, art,sunbathing, and fishing well “dude” this is the place for you. You might like to hike, Mountain Bike ride,run or play soccer. There's aplace for you in South Orange County. I first arrived out here, when i was partaking in a soccer coaching course at 1000 Oakes (north of L.A.) I arrived in January from JFK in the middle of January. I walked out of the terminal still wearing my winter coat, gloves in my pockets, and a scarf still hanging around my neck............Looked up at the blue skys saw the swaying palm trees and thought. Why am i living in New York?.......That’s why It’s not just a home it’s a lifestyle.


When you’re looking for an agent to work with it’s important to “connect” with your agent. I speak to so many clients that have changed agents because although the agent listened , had great experience, they just didn’t seem to understand what their clients were about. If i can help in anyway, even if it's directing you to another agent, one that you might be more suited to-that's fine by me. At the end of the day we all want to work stress free, do the best we can, and help one and other.


I have worked in Real Estate since 2000, sold millions of dollars worth of property. I have traveled all over the U.S. but settled in Laguna Niguel with my wife in 2000. If you would like any advice on buying, selling, investing or leasing, real estate I would be honored to help you out.

In my spare time I make the most of what I enjoy here in South Orange County Play soccer, run, play squash, hike, bike ride you want any help planning some leisure activities ….give me a call remember. It’s not just a home it’s a lifestyle.